Whitewater kayak. Crossing the line Ngoi Thia. Boom Challenge waterfall, Sui Area.

This is the waterfall Boom! Where’s the kayaker Taybacgroup facing the fear of yourself!

Ngoi Thia stream , Ngoi Lao , Ngoi Hut ‘s 3 major river systems of the province of Yen Bai . In particular , Ngoi Thia is the largest streams with length 104 km , catchment area up to 824 km2 with main branches : Ngoi Thia , five-story , Nam Muong and Nam Dong .

Ngoi Thia ago in memory of fellow Van Chan district is a beautiful stream filled with water , clear to the fig tree , robusta trees , ancient black alum stretched reflected on stream . On that day , only a dozen people each roof littered the stream , peaceful life . Thia streams for the fish population fried , frozen fish , fish heck . Stream Thia is where many Thai couple who engaged in even a husband and wife together … Stream and peaceful coexistence . Spring brings the produce to people who treat you respectfully streams as well received gift shrugged stream brings.

Ngoi Thia much differently now . Both sides were less fertile rice fields because landslides . Old trees were cut down as the stream of rock slides down the stream changed . Watershed forest felling caused torrential flooding and then quickly pull the draw goes away by sand and small gravel in the stream bed , made ​​inert large boulders create many dangerous rapids .

Our team is a group adventure tours by kayak ‘s first Vietnam . Starting from the surface of the romantic West Lake we had the journey to conquer rivers , major streams of the country . With a professional kayak with durable canvas and rubber , we went along the Red River in Hanoi , explore the Boi River , Ma , watch the full moon night on Ba Be Lake , the violent conquest of the river Da , Madagui adventure with rapids…

We also continue to record the boat to continue the trip. Further 2km rowing again , shadowing our ears burst by rumbling noises like the sound of hundreds of horses hooves galloping ahead . We know , in front of the mining boom …

Boom operators , the operators of the most formidable Ngoi Thia , where every year several people drowned and washed . Local residents wanted to pass along the Ngoi Thia Boom operators must carry friends each summer , carrying the array to bypass the waterfall trail and no one dared to risk plummeting waterfall . Boom operators than 5 meters in height , the waterfall is divided into 3 floors extending to 30 , 40m . Health horrible water extraction , Thia entire stream pouring down from above , flush on large boulders forming the vortex , the 2m high waves , white foam roll . This is a huge challenge for the bravery of Taybacgroup the rowers .

Before the mining boom’s cruel, we refer to a hidden corner before the boat operator is shielded by giant boulders. I and Tabalo, Vallizzo, Balota climbing the rocks along the waterfall to see the water carefully, calculating the specific steps rowing. Determination of the direction, Balota and Johnie, prepare Loops rescue work at the foot of the falls. We use parachute cord attached to the whale fishery super team: Balota. Balota’s mission is to break out the foot waterfall timely rescue when you see signs of danger. Johnie and Loops will support Balota ashore. Those who pass will turn to alternative operators Balota in the rescue work. With this waterfall and the Loops 2 rowers Johnie accepted on board to complete the rescue work.

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