Water streams peaceful kayak Trailers, Quang Binh

Quang Binh not only Horizontal Pass, Nhat Le estuary or the world natural heritage Phong Nha Cave, now tourists love to explore, discover a place more attractive: Water Trailers streams.From the city of Dong Hoi, Quang Binh Province, following east branch of the Ho Chi Minh Highway about 60km north, visitors will have to fork slot Gath. Turn west branch next, more about 5km away, visitors will come to spring water Trailers.

Stream of Water Trailers Phuc Trach commune , Bo Trach district . If traveling by road , visitors will come from Chay Lap , past the ranger station to enter the National Park Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park hugs the road round the foot of the mountain . It could go down the river by kayak . Chay River is a tributary of the Son River , with a length of over 10 km , is one of five elementary fish fauna of the most important national park Phong Nha – Ke Bang . Certainly there are people who think : kayak primarily for adventurous travelers , especially young people . But in fact , very easy to train and kayak use . Kayaking on the Chay river this interesting , visitors will have the opportunity to admire , so close contact with diverse natural scenery , liberal , many variables – like looking through a kaleidoscope lens , every corner turned more details novel and attractive .

Between stage journey, tourists can visit nightly. Door into the cave is a high dome, beneath a dynamic water flows underground approximately 6km to the sprawling stone pile. River water in front of the cave about color ultramarine blue deep, green color characteristic of dissolved minerals in high concentrations.

Contrary to the above, the swift water seems softer. Upstream where the water condenses as a large lake with lots of subducted slab, shore enveloped the surrounding trees, mountains in the distance blur. Finally, visitors will also find answers to questions about the name of the stream. Turns out, this is an interesting natural phenomenon: the lower water column jam jam puff up from the earth, flowing endlessly forever cease. Water surge or “water rises” from the stone, the local camp read the “Water Trailers”, which used the name calling …


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