Tourists kayaking in Krabi

Krabi province in Thailand is made up of large and small islands , is a familiar destination of the rowers all over the world . Krabi scenery characteristic of Asian waters with blue beaches , warm water , tropical forests and the beautiful bayside obscure .

Krabi , Krabi province’s main town , located in the heart of one of the most spectacular areas of Southeast Asia , which is known for jagged limestone cliffs , deep and wide beaches , white sand and water bieng clear . Krabi has long been the starting point for the region’s islands , national parks and beaches continent , but now it is attracting tourists as a private resort . The day trips are varied , trips on a kayak admire the limestone landscape , to sailing the islands quickly .


One way to explore the north of Krabi interesting alternative is to use kayak paddle into the cave and down the boat along the river in the national park Than Bok . This is one of the first places in Thailand have people living out remains of archaeological treasures is the primitive paintings in the grotto . Ban Bo Thor ( Hang Bong First Big Three ) is a limestone cave with impressive stalagmites and bell . On the cave walls up to the ceiling is painted images of animals and humans since ancient times with the yellow, red , black and brown dating up to 3,000 years .


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