Players spend thousands of dollars buying personal kayak

Kayak capital is a risky sport and not popular in Vietnam. But there have been many players are willing to spend thousands of dollars to his shop for a personal kayak.

Price to sell a few thousand dollars
Currently on the market for sale kayak boats for sale rather “harsh”.
Products and services are “seeded” with the number of users is quite crowded, though not so common. It especially attracts adventurous, enjoy feeling like sailing between immense waves.
However, not everyone kayaking enthusiasts can also own a shop, by the price of the boat is quite expensive – on par with a gas car.

Kayak,thuyền Kayak,giá thuyền Kayak

Bilbao 1 seat boat cost more than 18 million vnd

Kayak,thuyền Kayak,giá thuyền Kayak

The Kalao 3 seats nearly 30 million vnd

A company that sells kayak for sale in HCMC is priced Kayak boats from 9 million to nearly 30 million. The product has many diverse types and prices to buyers choice . For such kind Tobago Kayaking priced 25.5 million, 28.8 million Kaolao price , the price ranges from types 10 , 15 and more than 20 million.
Anh Dung , the owner of a website that sells kayak , said the new company he founded earlier this year , and also have a number of customers okay but not much : ” This hobby is not common in Vietnam, so the amount of customer rather perfunctorily . Add more parts , the price paid for a boat is expensive , so individual customers are not crowded . We mainly sell to the travel company to lease them . As for individual customers , many of which are part of our international customers , who are not subject kayaking unfamiliar with them , the rest is the abundance of young Vietnamese money favorite adventure sports ” .
People spend money shopping play private boat
The kayak enthusiasts in Vietnam tend to use kayak rentals instead of personal shopping . But in recent years , the players are willing to spend money on a private shopping no longer strange .
Kayak,thuyền Kayak,giá thuyền Kayak

Mr Nam (Phan Dinh Phung, Hanoi) has spent nearly 30 million to buy a boat Kayak imports. “Before I used to rent boats and kayaks at Lake Highlands every weekend. After a long time, that was not, I went to buy a book from Saigon. Prices slightly tart but a separately owned parts for passionate, well worth it, the rice bowl, “he said Nam.

Comes with one boat, the player often regret not spending tens of million more to shopping jacket, gloves and other accessories. Most of them are imported.
These players often choose Hanoi West Lake as a place to de-stress kayaking and occasional weekend “gathering” at bay to hold the race.

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