Lush green paradise Phuket

Located in southern Thailand, more than 400km from Bangkok, Phuket paradise beautiful titles with lush green coconut trees, green beaches breaker compartment, stretches of white sand beaches, the beautiful bays, pine forests and colorful coral reefs will surely bring you summer days with endless fun.

In Phuket , immersed in the green waters of Phi Phi Island , just below the spectacular limestone sequence is the most wonderful moment . What makes the visitors feel enjoy are just soak while watching the sea lanes between the peaceful small fish , swimming around more freely, feels himself to be living among the vast natural and dynamic than you have can participate in the game diving, kayaking …
One sunny summer morning to Phang Nga Bay , ecstasy by the beauty of natural wonders on the way to conquer the cave by kayak . By rowing movements and his bow when the boat passes through the narrow entrance , advanced slowly into the cave suddenly opened up vast spaces , covered boulders and stalactites sparkle as luminophores diamonds amidst giant like fairyland . Also located in Phang Nga bay and attracts many visitors is the James Bond Island , which used to be Hollywood ‘s selected scenes for a movie set in 007 . Many James Bond Island cliffs with strange shapes which highlights the mountain looks like cracks split in two, half- standing mountain half inclined to resist the other side to create a space like cave door brings more mystery. In addition to the famed island system , Phuket also owns the cave spectacular limestone outcrops and caves hidden in the small tunnel where the challenges travelers love to explore .

If the island with gentle beauty and quiet always makes you feel at peace , the Phuket FantaSea Kamnala will give you moments jubilant and boisterous than ever. Not only is a complex area to meet the needs of leisure travelers at night but also a place to introduce the traditional culture and modern Thai and international tourists to the festival with carnival and more bold show extravaganza Thai culture with many unique displays of hundreds of actors and animals like elephants , tigers , birds … You should also not ignore the games area and shopping for souvenirs , handicrafts typical of Thai people by their extremely attractive and will make you forget that time .

A windy afternoon , on the shore of a small fishing village , sit and watch the clouds and enjoy fresh seafood dishes will be the most unforgettable memories of you on this paradise beach origin .


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