Kayaking and the trip of a life time

Kayaking is an adventure tourism professional no stranger abroad. In Vietnam the advantage intertwined rivers, the goal is to develop this.

Ngoi Thia stream , Ngoi Lao , Ngoi Hut ‘s 3 major river systems of the province of Yen Bai . In particular , Ngoi Thia is the largest streams with length 104 km , catchment area up to 824 km2 with main branches : Ngoi Thia , five-story , Nam Muong and Nam Dong .

Ngoi Thia ago in memory of fellow Van Chan district is a beautiful stream filled with water , clear to the fig tree , robusta trees , ancient black alum stretched reflected on stream . On that day , only a dozen people each roof littered the stream , peaceful life . Thia streams for the fish population fried , frozen fish , fish heck . Stream Thia is where many Thai couple who engaged in even a husband and wife together … Stream and peaceful coexistence . Spring brings the produce to people who treat you respectfully streams as well received gift shrugged stream brings.

Ngoi Thia much differently now . Both sides were less fertile rice fields because landslides . Old trees were cut down as the stream of rock slides down the stream changed . Watershed forest felling caused torrential flooding and then quickly pull the draw goes away by sand and small gravel in the stream bed , made inert large boulders create many dangerous rapids .

Our team is a group adventure tours by kayak ‘s first Vietnam . Starting from the surface of the romantic West Lake we had the journey to conquer rivers , major streams of the country . With a professional kayak with durable canvas and rubber , we went along the Red River in Hanoi , explore the Boi River , Ma , watch the full moon night on Ba Be Lake , the violent conquest of the river Da , Madagui adventure with rapids , …

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