Kayaking on the Huong river

The calm river is always welcomed tourists and recently had a very good tourist services and it is exciting kayaking. Perfume River is a river peaceful and has recently been put into service operators kayaking.

Kayak which is a very light boat of the Eskimos (the peoples living in the region specializing in royal ice world, the nation’s most widely distributed today at: Greenland, northern North America and East Siberia). There are many types of plastic composite kayaks, molded rubber or inflatable boats are always well … All in all circumstances and started using two oars. Shape, Kayak looks like bamboo leaves, small, elongated ends.

Program Kayak travel by boat for the first time in Hue is organized according to a schedule of visitors have the opportunity to explore the lives of people banks of the Perfume River . Guests will be seated on small boats Kayak beautiful , graceful enjoy the fresh air of nature , watching the water flow in the fresh green of the poetic Perfume River and explore the East Coast Three double life , asthma , Bao Vinh ancient town …. After a road trip on the Perfume River , visitors will arrive at the wharf Korea vomiting – Bao Vinh ancient town , cycling on small roads lined with trees to the Student Village ( village made ​​famous folk ) visits the folk artisans . After that , visitors can walk around the Student Village to learn more about the lives of rural people through the activities here such as growing vegetables , planting flowers and making flower paper serving the Holidays …


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