Kayaking Holiday

Kayaking comes in all shapes and forms: picture yourself paddling across tranquil lakes, down churning rivers, along beach-fringed coastlines and even – in southern Turkey – over the sunken remains of an ancient city.

Unlike canoeing, where you sit or kneel in an open boat using a single-bladed paddle, kayaks are generally covered and you sit with legs extended forward, using a double-bladed paddle. Part of the pleasure of kayaking, whether on rivers, lakes or the open sea, is that you often get far from the crowds, enjoying the natural world around you with only the gentle sound of your paddling to disturb the peace.

We only use carefully chosen local specialists to operate our kayaking excursions. You’ll be accompanied by expert guides and provided with full training and a safety briefing beforehand. You will also be given all the equipment you need, including a lifejacket.

Whether you choose to kayak along the unspoilt shorelines of Croatia, down a Pyrenean whitewater river or across a mountain lake in Tuscany, you will love the thrill of exploring some of our planets’ most beautiful waterways under your own steam.

Kayaking Holiday on January 19, 2017 rated 4.5 of 5