Kayaking for coffee in Hanoi

Despite cafe right next door and strewn around the West Lake area, China and other friends opted – Kayak traverse across the lake to drink coffee at coffee though it did slightly better than public.

Nguyen Thanh Trung, Hanoi like everyone else, rather like outdoor sports activities. He was also selected lakes where fitness but is not cycling, football, hitting bridges … which is kayaking. His hobby is not so strange though for many people but also is not popular subjects in a lot of cities such as Hanoi lake.

“Many in cold weather, heavy rain, you still have to take a boat out to the lake to do 1 round for healthy people. Sunny day, when few children have the same interests to gather around and stabbed several rowing across the lake cup coffee. Nor tastier mention at all anywhere but interesting “, China has said, as she prepares for our boat to explore the West Lake.

But not only the professional, also appears here Kayak amateur players. In the picture he Minh, a favorite of this new sport. Hanoi task, he also wanted to learn about Da Nang soon bring the same boat and set up a small club in his hometown

The four of us went surfing waves on the lake is full, the boat slid athletes of professional sailing. Sometimes the individual meets the love of country sports from many different countries. And West Lake are gathering their point.

Series of pictures by reporters Sports & Culture perform in Westlake on auroral sunny sky.

Even the rehearsal ends, they also appear more professional when packed up pretty quick, quickly returned to the boat for others.

According to reporter understanding, at the weekend, there are many people outside the group to register please go try this sport.

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