Kayaking around the island of Palau

The green color of the sea mingles with the green of the leaves that have scenery like this biking in place a paradise.

Located in the South Pacific, the Philippines is about 800 km to the east and about 3,000 km from Japan to the south, Palau Islands, also known as Rock Island has a total area of ​​about 100,200 hectares, including 445 limestone islands , was formed after the volcanic eruption. The island is only about 50 m deep, has a number of islands in shallow water and sand, creating small seas for kayaking trip

Those who love kayaking will special “pleasure” boats glide around the rock islands of Palau. Below is a blue water coral reefs is like “coral walls” and many giant jellyfish swarms where you turn yellow.

In addition, both the underwater caves, along with the planes crashed ship and wrecked it is back from World War II.

Here there are jellyfish lake world-famous saltwater swimming with jellyfish and extremely attractive. You will have the opportunity to experience the feeling of swimming, soak in the blue water, unleash your fun and watch millions of golden jellyfish move towards soft sunrise. Today, the number of jellyfish in the lake up to the millions. Just in the morning, when smeared with millions of jellyfish is moving toward the sunrise, from east to west. By the late afternoon, we turned to the bottom of the lake to rest and moving journey repeated throughout the life cycle of jellyfish.


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