Introduction to kayaking

Kayak boat design is compact , beautifully widely used overseas . Today, with social development needs to relax by kayak , kayak fun developing countries on the river in many places in Vietnam .

Kayak which is a very light Eskimo boat . Initially , this boat is designed for a man , wrapped in sealskin and North America by aboriginal invented for hunting large mammals such as sea lions , walruses , whales .. . their original name is Qajaq , Europeans pronounce simple way into the kayak .

Kayak is quite a variety : plastic composites , molded rubber or inflatable boats , all of which are well in every situation and started using two oars . Shape, kayak looked like bamboo leaves , small , long , slender and very attractive . There are usually brightly colored as yellow , red , orange … , the highlight a kayak on the deep blue waters are created paintings to life .

Increasingly modern city, people’s lives which is more advanced, the playing field to help people relax, de-stress after learning, work stress is increasingly diverse and rich. A strange game, new imported into Vietnam and was warmly received youth today is kayaking. Games not only help you relieve stress, but also immersed in immense earth, water, experience the adventure feeling incredibly exciting and memorable.

Its appeal lies in the very nature kayak adventure. Kayak is a journey that courage, calmness, patience, the ability to flexibly handle the situation of human techniques are challenged, tested and evaluated. Overcoming immense river rapids, the rugged cliffs, the white waves raging … and the reward is to overcome self-confidence, sense of victory and the experiences, feelings, talents talent is not easy to get.

You will be equipped with life jackets and coach instruction very carefully before excursions on the river clear, conquer and overcome the obstacles ahead are also surpass themselves.

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