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Lake Baikal

Baikal is the “jewel” in the national parks in Russia at large. Referring to the famous lake in the world, almost anyone remember Baikal because this is the largest natural lake and biological diversity in the world. In particular, on Lake Baikal, there are 45 large islands, small lakes, and contains up to one-fifth the amount of fresh water across the surface of the earth.

With beautiful natural scenery, charming, every year, Lake Baikal attract tourists to visit. The most popular activities are walking sightseeing boat, diving and fishing in the summer months. Each year, on May 14, visitors also have the opportunity to participate in racing sailboats on Lake Baikal.

Lake Garda

As one of the largest lake in Italy, Lake Garda is a popular tourist destination since the Roman Empire under today. Like the Mediterranean color, blue water lakes Garda and with strong winds blowing over water river, is the ideal place for those who love the sailing.

Natural landscapes and urban lakeside town also attracts visitors especially by the looks of ancient cultures and ancient conserved.

Lake Vecht

Vecht lakes located in the Netherlands, a country in the lakes system, the world’s largest canal. We can say almost every street in the Netherlands have a canal, river, lake flow through, creating a charming landscape. It is also ideal conditions for travelers who  want a scenic stroll lake city, swimming, surfing, sailing …

Lake Titicaca

Located between two national borders Bolivia and Peru, Lake Titicaca is the second largest country in South America. The most unique is this lake located high atop the Andes thousands of meters, the lake is considered to be located at the highest in the world.

This stunning lake is considered sacred by the Inca natives. Visitors come here to sit on the characteristic curved tip boat, visiting Isla del Sol or “Sun Island”, where according to legend is the homeland of the Inca sun god and Isla del Luna, hometown Moon god.

Lake Geneva

Another half of Swiss, half of France, Geneva is the largest lake in the Alps. Lots of club sailing, windsurfing and kayaking was held to encourage sports activities as well as travel here.

Sitting on the Lake Geneva boat tours, travelers can also visit the ancient town at the foot of the Alps, Montreux is striking

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