Go find places to paddle exciting adventure in Korea

The heart of the boating activity on the river adventure in Korea is in 3 rivers: Donggang in Yeongwol-gun, Naerincheon (Naerin Stream) in Inje-gun and gun Hantangang in Cheolwon-all mountainous province Gangwon-do.

Donggang River in Yeongwol particularly suitable for those who started participating in rowing and family travel groups, by the river width with moderate water flow is slow and peaceful. The scenery along the river is still largely unspoiled natural beauty inherent.

Many sections of the river for boaters bring excitement, from upstream to downstream in Jeongseon in Yeongwol. One of the most interesting sections is the Arayeon valley. This is not just the best place to play but rowing is an ideal place to observe the wilderness without human silhouette.

The river begins near Naerin Mt.Odae valley and 60km long under natural mountainous regions of Gangwon-do Province. And clean water here, with an average altitude, there are places where water flows fast, strong with a steep slope, but also places that still fast flow smoothly.

Along the river there are beautiful unique landscape, most notably rocks of different shapes. Adventures in the river valley Naerincheon attractive than a million visitors each summer.

16km long stretch of road between the resort and Bamgol Gungdong in Inje is one of the most interesting sections. This river section with S-shaped vertical slope.

Seoul, 90 minutes automobiles, this river is famous for and the depth of it, as well as the unusual stone shapes. The scenery along the river wild Hantangang with mysterious valleys often called the moral greatness of Korean songs. Roadmap crossing road will pass with 8 different slope and is surrounded by steep cliffs.

The main sections of this river boating on the river to help people admire the scenery is very romantic, especially the lyrical waterfall bring peaceful feelings to behold but very excited to be overcome.

In addition, the river is located close to the border with North Korea, and this is a good opportunity to see the country.

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