Felling impetuosity with kayak over the falls

Last time falls very short, only a few seconds but I felt like a few dozen minutes. When I was thrown out of the boat, feeling very overwhelmed. Washed her, his balls, kicking, throwing, dark around … (Le Hong Long, who played a kayak in Vietnam over the falls).

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Tighten hand … on the oars , I started out the water . Top of the falls , the water hole but it is only a superficial fool people . At the front there is a famous waterfall and the land of Yen Bai challenges I need to overcome on my own . I started to feel the boat speed increases , the sound of raging water day . I tried to focus to get the boat in the right direction . Suddenly the boat as being sucked down , the boat pulling me like someone was leaning down and then pop up .

Rippling waters go off his push me off his boat past the first level . When down to the second level , the water was hitting rock bounced back to form in very dangerous waves . Just a little bit file is Senh boat will be cast into the cliff and buried knocked down to the foot flip operators . I try to fight against the paddle boat was not to pan . Immediately push the water straight down my leg 2nd grade . Waters Here violently put down the rocks at the bottom and then pop up a roll forming towering waves .

The boat is now completely get rid of my control , large waves shook me to fly off the boat submerged deep water . Subconsciously , I held my breath , eyes wide open to observe underwater . The Australian cancer bubbles emerge . The large gray rocks at the bottom , in front … I relaxed to wear waters swept away .

The water mold spoiled me , scooped me up , shoves me back down and threw me straight into the reef . My head hit the ice com Jacob, who were herded into the cliff , I was dragged limbs on ice , so fortunately equipped with pillow covers , hand and helmet so my limbs still intact . And then suddenly I found myself being pulled down very deep and then pops up , I no longer see the weight of the water again . The god , I see both sides of the stream context . I saw the rescue team standing by a ledge , I saw his boat was swept downstream . I have to be foot waterfall ! A surge of joy , I shouted a loud voice .

I tried my best to swim under the boat and pulled ashore gurgles out … You ask :
– Approval not ?
I barely said :
– Approved !

Fisher ( Le Hong Long ) who wrote the narrative line on a trip over the falls Ngoi Thia ( Yen Bai ) Northwest group ( Taybacgroup.com.vn ) – a group you prefer adventure to explore the new land .

How many people play in Vietnam ?

Approximately 15-30 players actually

How much money to the sport ?

1 . Purchase scheme can be designed and manufactured kayak out there for about 1 million, then set done with the frame and water-resistant material .

2 . Purchase inflatable boats go extraction ( about 20 million , made in Vietnam ) have the bottom and sides are made of sustainable materials that can withstand the collision of rock and shot sharp incision .

3 . Boats to international standards cost about $ 3,000 (about 62 million) , plus associated equipment : life jacket , hat , skirt ( like the so -called dress skirt , players wear on the rowing boat , the dress will cover up the entire crew compartment to prevent water flooding the boat into the heart , especially in terms of water data ) is about $ 4000 (about 82 million) all .


What was the first kayak made ​​by the Eskimos . They used to go hunting boat in the lake or along the coast . The kayak is made of animal skins stretched over frames and wooden boat with whale bone or stitches .

Mon kayak over the falls ( whitewater kayaking ) is defined as subjects play kayak in moving water conditions , rugged and waterfalls ( other than the kayak in the waters in the sea or lake extending called touring ) .

Kayak over the falls bring the excitement to play at a high level . “Time to fall only a few seconds but its operators are experiencing a lot of emotions – from fear to the point of delay – the decision to go forward – fall – fear – happy, so happy and want to return to the to do again ! Just happy and scared , just proud ” – Le Hong Long said .

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A further appeal of this subject , which is the scenery and listen to the peaceful sound of water on both sides , the river of life experience , know and poignant story of the historic places where they go through . The trip along the Da River 120km long lasting four days and three nights of the 2010 team was a memorable trip for all Northwest team members . They were sailing between the lofty cliffs , spend the night on the ship vacant , cooking with river water , seeing people living on both sides of the river , visualize prose ” Da river ferryman ” Nguyen Tuan … And there ‘s also the last trip kept pristine beauty of the Black River before the entire river area located on the territory of the former Lai Chau flooded by hydroelectric projects . The beautiful villages along the river is now under water … The team members talked about a trip attachment , have a little pity .

Who are ” MEN ”

Northwest group has a common meeting place , where they built a small gallery , on the walls of the kayak and paddle . On the shelves in the room is the equipment needed for each picnic trip as life jackets , helmets , knee guards , elbow … All items are old , brought many memories .

The active members of the group have in common : a square face and calm demeanor .

Le Anh , who first brought this subject up to play with the Northwest group that this is the proper subject of the play challenges , the ” strong man you ” . This is a dangerous subject , and players can be on the rocks , or trapped in rocks do not pop up to be – Le Anh said .

The ” strong ” attitude was reflected in calm , careful preparation . Tung tabalo mused : ” Playing risky push yourself to a level where it will stop going forward or was the right decision .” And Le Long ( Fisher ) so far still regret the decision of his ebullient . After conquering the waterfall Ngoi Thia , still drunk enamel victory and bring little cocky , he and a friend went to the south and conquered the La Nga River , over the falls and falls Mai Heaven (between Binh Thuan and Lam Dong ) bypass preparation .

After a trip over the falls , Fisher has learned to life :

1 . With a dangerous trip , only two persons are too few to support each other in situations of uncertainty .

2 . Labour to play without the survey , prepared as reckless irresponsibility that with myself .

Mon adventure which changes the players , making them assertive , more bravery and calm . Fisher said: ” In the past ( before playing kayak over the falls – PV ) , looked dangerous things I do not appreciate the impact and value of it . Now on the other hand , when faced with danger I see you in my existence . After a trip to the La Nga , before each game , I always caution against all their decisions , how to not affect themselves and others . In everyday life , in the face of what I thought I would not be doing well , I think the trip went over the falls , which I more assertive , more daring ” . Rating – a member of the group has changed his profession through adherence to kayak and sports . From a work event at Mai Linh company , he became a tour guide adventure travel .

After many successful trips over the falls , the Northwest group has organized classes kayak over the falls for the young . They have been held about 7-8 courses , each course 10 you .

As boating enthusiasts is a organized way , and to bring together all the resources to support this goal , a year ago , Le Anh same people you have permission establishment Federation Vietnam boat – markers showed a hobby group began work on a new step – professional and wider .

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