Enjoy kayak river

Here, Tourism Forum will introduce you to the rowing venue extremely ideal for summer travel with friends and family okay!

Phu Ninh Lake – Quang Nam

7km from Tam Ky city, fresh air, eco-tourism destinations Phu Ninh Lake maximize natural advantage to create a quiet resort.

Surrounding the lake is a poetic mountain, with rows of casuarina, eucalyptus ball down in the lake. To Phu Ninh hot day, you will feel calm and cool blue heart by charming scenery. Tourists can rent a paddle boat children and themselves to the rocky bay water to drop questions.

Rowing is not difficult, you can initially make the boat turned around. But after a while getting used to, you just need to push the two roof beams to balance the boat will go as you want. And you will find yourself wonderful sailing surfing on a beautiful lake like that!

Dak Min Ho – Dak Lak

Lake covers approximately 200 hectares, sparkling like a giant silver mirror wrap ecotourism destinations Ban Don. Dak Min attract visitors by canoe paddle services, sunrise and sunset on a calm lake.

By Dak Min lake, you can fish, to experience new things on the canoe with his oars. The relaxation in the middle of pristine mountains, the sound of whispering waves will bring pleasure elegant, romantic.

Surely you are with her family goodbye Dak Min lake will not only attachment gong sound echoed in the mountains.
Binh Quoi Tourist Village – TP. Ho Chi Minh City

Located on the banks of the Saigon River, Thanh Da peninsula last approximately 20 minutes drive from the city center, Binh Quoi tourist village has romantic scenery and charming Southern style.

By Binh Quoi, visitors can participate in boating, fishing and other special features views of the night on the boat drifted incredibly romantic. Fresh air is cool Binh Quoi you place a lot of young families here and convalescence after a stressful working day.

Services boating channel preferred by tourists covered space extremely quiet lake.
Scorpio Gold tourist area – Dong Nai

How City. Ho Chi Minh City over 30km, eco-tourism zone Scorpio Gold in Dong Nai province is an ideal summer playground for tourists. It only takes 2 minutes across boat, you will be returned to the countryside as water, dip a dip in the blue waters.

Guests will enjoy the paddle boats crept in coconut groves and watch wildflowers along the river bank …

On the dinghy, you can drop your carefree blue sky watching and listening sigh of grass reed charging fried lettuce. Sometimes you also hear prey fish tail thrashed his own hands and also fishing.
Rowing in Vam Sat – Need of the Hour

Vam Sat Tourist Zone is the most beautiful part of the World Biosphere Reserve – Gio mangrove forest, located about 60 km from Ho Chi Minh City waterways. Here, tourists can balance life with relaxing pleasures.

The sailing feeling wriggle in mangroves watching the bats and the echoes between the nature of the strange clarity. Vam certainly look resorts will give you a full days fun.

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