Classification levels kayaking

Each boat has its play method to classify the level of difficulty of the river but can be divided into the following levels:

Level 1 (Basic): Water flows with small waves. Generally quite safe and the player can rotate without external rescue

Level 2 (for beginners): fast flowing river with waves, holes and rocks swirling but fairly easy to overcome or avoid. It should have control over who’s fluent but not too dangerous.

Level 3 (Intermediate): fairly fast flowing river with rocks, big waves and swirling slot. In general, the flow can change direction constantly and fast flowing. This level should understand and sailing techniques needed assistance when needed. Individuals can be managed but the group still needs rescue plan.

Level 4 (Advance): High flow, there are big waves, holes and unpredictable currents, there are continually turning point, requires good skills helm. There are many dangers that are difficult to get help from outside.

Level 5 (Professional): As the river level 4 but continuous and inescapable, but forced to pass. Granted this is very dangerous and requires players to be very technical.

Level 6 (can not exceed):

This level has held steady extremely technical, with very careful preparation can venture.

Can kayak through one of the levels above. A river can have many different levels. And usually a river at low levels but there are a few places have waterfalls at higher levels.

In addition, the wet season the river also created for the different levels. The flood season increased difficulty level of the river.


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