Boys and girls compete on sea kayaking Da Nang

Visitors and residents had a dramatic competitions with professional kayak in Danang.

After the launch, the team received orders derived from the referee. Members woman sitting on boat fast to the male members used boats wake thrust race start.

The first challenge of the game is the big waves at shore. More than 30 athletes mainly from Danang Kayak Club participated in this contest.

Once away, the boat gradually regained his balance. This program is a series of events in Da Nang Sea Festival 2014 to attract tourists to holiday in this city. The other teams envy every water meter to speed up. The legs on the beach 1.5 km long.

They had to climb over obstacles that limit the float column placed in line on the sea.

Do not take too much time to assign distance. To be able to maintain the speed, the kayak outside health must also improve coordination between the two paddles. This is not a professional racing, where players race was won for the residents and visitors. After tentative beginnings, players familiar with each action kayaking.

No fewer players broken oars, they stumbled on the sea collide.

The joy of a race when his boat lead coming ashore.

However, the victory did not come easy by huge waves as they lose control …

To win in the end, the teams must take a boat to the shore, back to the starting position. When the boat hit the shore near, many agile teams leave the boat to the finish.

Racing to promote movement and exercise play in Danang department boat, creating more tourism products in this coastal city.

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